A Brief History of Manasquan New Jersey

Manasquan was first settled as a part of Shrewsbury in the late 1600's. It takes its name, Man - A - Squaw - Han (stream of the Island of Squaws) from the Lenni Lenape Indians who were summer visitors here for hundreds of years.

Manasquan, because of its prime Central Jersey seashore location and good climate, has been an ideal summer resort and year-round residence for centuries.

Manasquan has one mile of newly replenished, clean sandy beaches. The sparkling clear surf assures sunbathers and swimmers the ultimate in refreshing relaxation. With an abundance of fish, Manasquan is a veritable paradise for surf and deep sea fishing.

Manasquan has an abundance of rental accommodations for family groups. Many cottages are available at the beach area on weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. Most of these accommodations are strictly summer in character. Reservations can be made in local surrounding towns, at major motel and hotels. Call the Chamber of Commerce office (732) 223-8303 for more information.

In addition to our mile of oceanfront beaches, there is a complete and thriving business community centered around a small town, main street atmosphere. The center has a variety of stores, shops and services that meet the requirements of the entire family.




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