Brief History of Collingswood New Jersey

Pre 1600 Indians - Lennie Lenape-  "Concession & Agreements" offered land to those that wished to colonize who can afford only small tracts of land. ten separate "Tenths". Between the Burlington - Swedesborough & Salem Settlements laid an unoccupied "third" This group had left from Dublin, Ireland.

1681 ship arrived, In the following spring some of these pilgrims ventured on to settle in the Neuton (New Town) Colony. Newton Colony : Gloucester to Cooper & included Haddon Township areas. This was the first areas English speaking Colony.

1682 William Albertson est. Mill on S. Delaware River Thomas Atkinson, land owner partners in saw mill John Burroughs purchased 2,500 acres Francis Collins - 500 acres 1700 Jacob,Thomas, Sarah, & Mercy Clements 1702 1702-1760 Ferry est. across Cooper Creek 1742 John Eastwick purchases Anna Burr Farm, for Elizabeth Haddon Holdings 1788 Gloucester Road, now Collings Ave, was extended to reach a bridge into Gloucester. 1789 Barton School built 1856 Rail road from Haddonfield to Camden 1865 Civil War ended Haddon Twp created 1871 Collingswood becomes train stop 1876 Collings as agent for E C Knight purchased The Old Barton Farm, a vineyard of 112 acres. 1878 Collingswood First Post Office 1888 Collingswood Borough incorporates 1893 E.C.Knight executors donate ground for public park 60+ acres




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