Borough of Buena

Tucked away in a corner, at the far, forgotten end of Atlantic County, there is a tiny little borough named Buena. On Monday October 10, 1949, an area of 7.9 square miles was incorporated into the Borough of Buena. The borough is comprised of three "place names"; Buena, Landisville and Minotola.

Although you may live in these towns and know that they exist, you may be told that they are just the names of places without an beginning, middle or end. Even though they have their own post offices that have been operating for a long time, one for over a hundred years, almost no one has heard of them. Their postal facilities were established as follows:

Landisville - September 25, 1871 - Elijah Winston
Buena - June 15, 1889 - Richard C. Cake
Minotola - August 7, 1897 - John H. Sims

Well, I am here to tell you that they do exist, they are not just "place names", and they do have their own History. We who live in the Borough of Buena are alive and well! This year in 1979 we will be 30 years old, but our roots are deeper than that. Let us go back to England where it all began.

-Excerpt from "History of the Borough of Buena" January 1979 by Madeline Barrale

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