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The Complete Solution

Exclusive four stage process gives you features and performance
unlike any other system.
Stage 1 - Five Micron Dirt and Rust Filtration
Stage 2 - Ultrafiltration
Stage 3 - Reverse Osmosis
Stage 4 - Final Active Carbon Filtration


Compare and Avoid the Partial Solutions

Why buy high priced bottled water when you can have convenient Portasoft purified water? At last, all the great tasting, high quality water you want will be right at your fingertips for your drinking and cooking needs.

Four Stage Filter System

The 4 stage water purification system provides superior filteration in stages.

Stage I Graded Density Pre-filter removes dirt, rust and sediment - even particles ten times smaller than the eye can see.
Stage II, III Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration Membrane effectively reduces metals and salts, like lead and sodium. No ordinary filter system can make this claim!
Stage IV The water passes through a special Activated Caron Filter to control taste and odor causing chemicals like chlorine.

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