Mobile Meals of Westfield
170 Elm Street
Westfield, NJ 07090

Serving Westfield and Surrounding Communities

A non-profit Community Service Organization

What is Mobile Meals?

Mobile Meals is a voluntary, non-profit program of home-delivered meals serving those who are unable to shop and prepare their own meals on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Mobile Meals are available to residents of Westfield, and surrounding communities including Mountainside, Fanwood, Scotch Plains, Clark and Cranford.

Mobile Meals operates 5 days per week, Monday through Friday.

We deliver a hot dinner and cold supper at noon, or one hot meal each day may be taken.

Mobile Meals is not a charity.  

Unlike other meal delivery services, Mobile Meals has no financial need rquirements.  Our customers come from all walks of life and financial situations.

What kind of food is served?

The menus are well balanced and change daily. They are  planned  by a nutritionist and prepared by a trained cook in the First Baptist Church in Westfield. Our food is delicious and attractively presented in reheatable aluminum trays. All containers are disposable.

How much does it cost?

One hot dinner is $6.00 per day with a total of $30.00 per week.

The cold meals is an additional $2.25 per day for a total of $41.25 per week for hot and cold (you can not get just the cold meals alone).

We no longer have a minimum delivery requirement. Clients can receive meals anywhere from 1-5 days per week.

How is the service obtained?

Anyone may apply directly for Mobile Meals, or may be referred by a relative, friend, clergyman, physician, nurse or other interested consultants, or through any welfare department, health agency, social agency or hospital.

Call us to arrange for your Mobile Meals today at  908-233-6146

Would you like to help?

Mobile Meals provides an important community service. We welcome volunteers to join us in helping those in need. Please call us today to volunteer for the following positions:

Drivers bring the meals
from the church to
clients in “Coleman Coolers”
at approximately 10:30 am.
Each driver is responsible
for 8 stops,
completing their route in
approximately 1 hour.

packers work in the
kitchen from 9-10:30 AM
making sandwiches and
desserts and packaging the
meal for delivery.

If you have any questions or
would like to volunteer to help those in need,

Please call us at 908-233-6146.

170 Elm Street
Westfield, New Jersey 07090



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