Camp Letico Information

Camp Letico is a facility owned and operated by Roselle Girl Scouts and GSWRC.  The facility is located in a residential area of Roselle and consists of a multipurpose building and a wooded area.  The building consists of a kitchen, bathroom, and multipurpose room with a fireplace. The wooded area has a bridge, which many troops use for bridging ceremonies, an outdoor flagpole, and a small orienteering course.

       Camp Letico is available for rental by members of GSWRC. The daily rate is $25, overnights are $50. Camp Letico is available April 1- October 31, depending on the weather; the building is not heated or air-conditioned.

       Information and tours are available by contacting Joann Sabados-Carolina @ 908-241-5893 or


1.    Contact Roselle Police Dept @ 908-245-2000 to inform them that you are at the facility.

2.    Open the shutters on the windows and the steel double doors. (Fire regulations)

3.    Clean up after your event.  This includes cleaning off and wiping the tables, cleaning the floors, and cleaning the counters.

4.    Restock paper products that are used, i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, soap in dispensers, etc. Supplies are in the building.  You are not responsible for purchasing them.

5.    We recycle!

6.    Return all equipment/craft materials, etc. to appropriate storage areas.

7.    Follow all Safety Wise Guidelines.

8.    Contact Joann Sabados-Carolina for reservations, maintenance problems, keys, etc. @ 908-241-5893

9.    Report all building problems to Joann ASAP.

10.     There is a $25 fee for use of the facility per day, $50 for overnights. We accept troop checks payable to Camp Letico or cash.  No personal checks will be accepted.

11.     Camp Letico Activity patch may be purchased from Joann for $2 per patch.

12.     Turn off all lights and water faucets before leaving. Check for “running toilets”.

13.     Remember close all windows and doors making sure that all locks have been secured.

14.     Enjoy!

Camp Letico Directions

Garden State Parkway North:  Exit 139 – Roselle Exit. Bear right & make a quick left onto Raritan Rd. ***Follow Raritan Rd. past Dunkin Donuts and Sears. After Sears, make a left on Washington Ave (2nd street on the left). Make a quick right on Independence Dr.  Look for a street sign that reads Camp Letico on the right between houses numbered 65 – 69.  Make a right turn into the driveway.  The camp is at the end of the driveway.  Camp Letico is in a residential area.

Garden State Parkway South:  Exit 136 – Roselle Exit.  Bear right @ the U turn & make a left onto Centennial Ave.  Make a left @ the 2nd traffic light which is Raritan Rd.  Follow above directions from the ***.

 Click here for Camp Letico Reservation Form

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