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Developing strong, competent, independent readers is really very simple if you just remember one thing: the more you read, the better you read. Independent silent reading is one of the most important activities for the reading development of students of all ages. Research shows that students who do a lot of reading "on their own" become better readers because independent reading: 

 -enhances reading comprehension 
 - provides them with a wide range of background knowledge 
 - accounts for one-third or more of vocabulary growth 
 - improves writing style, spelling, and grammatical development 
 - promotes reading as a lifelong activity 

 Access to books is essential if young people are to engage in independent reading, as well as the reading/research necessary for their school studies. Books, magazines, CD-ROMs and other reading materials in the school library are up-to-date and appealing. Teachers and I encourage kids to select things to read that are challenging and about topics with which they may be unfamiliar, as well as those that are at comfortable reading levels and about familiar topics. 

 The school library is the heart of our school's life. We provide support for every area of the curriculum and are a resource for students and faculty alike. Beautiful student made projects are always on display. I invite you to visit.


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