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1937 was the first year that an "Addams Family" cartoon appeared. It featured only Morticia and Lurch and they didn't look like we know them today. Morticia's hair was styled differently and Lurch looked more like Boris Karloff in OLD DARK HOUSE than the Frankenstein monster. As years went by, other members started appearing including Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandmama and Thing. It was not until 1964 that everyone got to know the Addams Family. David Levy, a television producer, approached Addams to do a situation comedy based on his characters. All Charles Addams had to do was give his characters names and more characteristics for the actors to use in their portrayals. The series aired on the ABC network and ran for two years from 1964 to 1966. The cast included Carolyn Jones and John Astin.

Aurora Model


Ron MacCloskey and Tribute Promotions along with Playing Mantis Toys are proud to announce the sale of :


This model when originally introduced in 1965 by the Aurora Model Company became an enormous hit. Today if you have one of those in mint condition with the box it’s worth over $200.

Playing Mantis bought the mold from Aurora and re-issued the kit 8 years ago in conjunction with the Paramount motion picture THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Now you can buy one of these for your very own to keep. Selected realtors in Westfield have been chosen to participate. If you’re looking for a house - this is the home you can afford. All of the proceeds will go to the Charles Addams Art Scholarship.

The Art Scholarship founded in 1992 gives money to a student ever year graduating from Westfield High School who is majoring in art.

Each house will be sold for $20.00 That is below retail. If you would like to purchase these model kits through this website please contact Ron MacCloskey at ronmac55@aol.com  If they have to be mailed then an additional charge of $5 will be added. This is a great way to make a donation to the arts and education and get a neat collectible too!

In 1973, Hana and Barbera produced a Saturday morning cartoon series that was distinguished by actress Jodie Foster, who supplied the voice of Pugsley. In 1991, Paramount Studios made a feature film budgeted at 30 million. It grossed over a 100 million dollars at the box office and a sequel followed two years later. Some of the cast included Angelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd. Ironically, of the adult cast of the television series only John Astin, who portrayed Gomez, is still living. And of the film cast, Raul Julia, who also portrayed Gomez, is the only actor who has since died. 1992 saw another cartoon version of the Addams Family also produced by Hanna and Barbera.

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